A Complete List of Home Amenities and Features worth Investing

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Query: A Complete List of Home Amenities and Features for Home Potential buyers

A reader asks: “I’m a first-time home buyer, and when the time comes for my agent to ask me what My spouse and i desire in a home, I will not really know what to say besides simple things like a two-story home with a walkout in a quiet community. But there’s much more to a home than that! Could you write a Complete List of Services or Features that My spouse and i are able to use to let my agent know just what Now i am looking for? Waterfront, fire place, bonus rooms, etc. Various first-time home buyers would really appreciate that. Say thanks to you. — Linda. inches

Answer: Home amenities and features are details with which I am thoroughly familiar, Linda. So, you have come to the right place for answers. One of the really great reasons for having giving your agent a collection of amenities and features that the agent can utilize technology to find that perfect brand name you from this list.

Most MLS systems that agents use to find homes contain search guidelines. Some will allow you to exclude certain types of criteria, which might be more useful to you than you may first think. In the event that, for example, you absolutely do not want to buy a home with carpeting, your agent can exclude all homes with carpeting from your search requirements.

The more strongly you define parameters, the fewer homes you may find that are available to you. Should you include too many parameters, you may well not find any homes at all. If is best to be more general and less specific. Plus, bear in brain that information exported is merely as good as the information imported, and some agents might leave certain fields blank.

Location, Location, Location
This is the first rule of real estate. Location is the main the most often forgotten rule. When you have to choose between a home with all the amenities you want in a bad location or a home in a good location with only a number of the amenities, choose your home with the good location.

Narrow your list to your top 3 to 5 neighborhoods. Speak to the neighbors to determine if these areas are indeed to might want to live. Let your agent know the ZIP codes you would like, or establish the area by road boundaries so your agent can draw a map search.

  • Types of Locations
  1. View of Coastal, City or Hills
  2. Waterfront — River, Ocean, Lakefront
  3. Greenbelt
  4. Golf Course
  5. Suburban
  6. City
  7. Raised Elevation or Mountains
  8. Cul De Sac
  9. Dead End Street
  10. Gated Community
  • Home Construction
    1. Adobe
    2. Brick
    3. Concrete Block
    4. Log
    5. Metal
    6. Stone
    7. Straw
    8. Wood
  • Home Exterior
    1. Brick
    2. Cement Siding
    3. Lap Siding
    4. Metal Siding
    5. Vinyl Siding
    6. Shingle
    7. Stone
    8. Stucco
    9. Veneer
    10. Wood
  • Style of Home
    1. A-Frame
    2. Bungalow
    3. Colonial
    4. Contemporary
    5. Cottage
    6. Dome
    7. Log
    8. Mediterranean
    9. Ranch
    10. Spanish
    11. Tudor
    12. Victorian
  • Roof
    1. Composition Shingle
    2. Concrete Tile
    3. Metal
    4. Rock
    5. Shake
    6. Slate
    7. Tar
    8. Tile
    9. Wood
  • Yard
    1. Size of Lot
    2. Swimming Pool / Sport pool
    3. Spa
    4. Sauna
    5. Steam Room
    6. Fireplace or fire pit
    7. Built-in BBQ
    8. Outdoor Kitchen
    9. Courtyard
    10. Patio — Covered or Uncovered
    11. Best Massage chair to relax
    12. Tennis Courts
    13. Trees and Landscaping
    14. Court badminton net
    15. Gardens
    16. Lawn
    17. Automatic Sprinklers / Drip / Misting System