Tips For Smart Financial Planning For An Awesome Holiday Travel

Financial / Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Travelling on a budget can get stressful fast. Holiday travel plans are further daunting because ravel expenses are on the rise during this season while your bank account is nearly empty from all of the pre-holiday shopping. However, if you can plan properly and all of your family members collaborate with the time and structure of your plan, there is no reason why you cannot have a spectacular holiday travel on a smart budget.

Tips to make your holiday plan a success

  1. Start by saving small

As soon as you take the tentative decision to travel this holiday season, start saving small amounts each week. You will not notice the difference in your weekly budget but during the cusp of your holiday expenditure, this sum can come up to a pretty decent amount.

  1. Look for holiday travel offers

Many travel companies cash in the holiday season to lure travelers to their side. Browse for seasonal travel offers that make sense for your individual family situation. You can also mutually discuss on offers where you can live with the adjustments required to avail the travel opportunity.

  1. Avoid weekend travelling

Weekdays are always cheaper than weekends when planning a holiday travelling session. Try to carve out your travel plans during the weekdays to take the advantage of better-priced offers and more availability of resources such as rooms and rental cars etc.

  1. Say no to credit cards

Switch to debit cards for all your major online bookings such as flights, hotels and even rental cars. Credit card charges are steeper during the holiday season. Charging on a debit card though is basically using your own savings money and not piling on interest with ay banks.

  1. Planning international travel

Make sure to check for additional fees or surcharges when transacting overseas with your cards. Make it a point to check on these fees with your domestic bank. You can also choose to have enough cash exchanged beforehand to ensure that you do not need to transact that often when travelling international. In-Network cash machines or ATMs can also have lower additional fees. Talk to your bank representatives to get the locations of such ATMs in and around the area where you would be staying overseas.

Plan to avoid over spending or being tangled in any issues with accommodation during the holiday travels. Check online for possibilities of crowds or holiday rush in your expected destination. Always keep a small set of cash marked for any incidentals or emergent situation that you can potentially face during your travels.